Air Sealing Services in Chisago City Minnesota



Air Sealing Services in Minnesota

There are many ways to find large opportunities to save energy in the attic of your home. Gunner Insulation Co., LLC will air seal your attic, we can help stop any major air leaks and help maintain the temperature throughout your business or home

There are several symptoms that you should be aware of if experiencing them:

  • If there is dust in rooms that are directly below the attic
  • High heating and cooling expenses
  • Drafty rooms
  • Cold and hot rooms (Uneven temperatures between rooms)
  • Dry indoor air in the winter
  • Ice dams in the winter

Our air sealing services will help with all of these problems that you could be experiencing. if you are not sure to call us and ask we offer free estimates. There are some potential benefits to having the attic in your office or home air sealed accurately and professionally. With our attic insulation services, air sealing the office or home will prevent any harmful ice dams that form in the winter season. Finding air leaks in the office or home can be difficult, however, we can find the leaks for you and seal them off. What we will do is check below the attic such as the ceilings and ceiling fans, the locations of light fixtures, then lastly the electrical sockets. There can be leaks coming from the electrical connections such as fans, outlets, and fixtures that require an opening in the ceiling for the connections to be placed. The other common areas where air leaks slip through are the exhaust for the bathroom fans, recessed lights, wiring, attic accesses, and plumbing pipes. Allow us to help your home or office by finding the leaks that you may have and help to seal them off to provide efficient indoor air quality. Air sealing is a really important component in waterproofing the attic area from harmful elements like precipitation and the wind. The majority of air sealing services will be in the attic, our company really looks around for the areas that need to be sealed. What we will do is inspect the insulation for dirt, if we find dirt in the fiberglass insulation we know it needs to be sealed. We will always look for all the gaps and cracks in the attic and basement of the home or office. Another frequent area that will leak air is the framing and foundation, which can be sealed. We will recommend sealing the basement ceiling that connects to the floor above to seal off any gaps or cracks. Often we find the reasons for this is the holes for the wires, water drain pipes, water supply pipes, and the furnace exhaust.


Air Chutes with Gunner Insulation Co., LLC

Air chutes are also known as Eave Chutes and Baffles, it is a simple device used to help ventilate the attic accurately. The attic eave chute performs a major portion in removing the heated air from the attic to which it brings in the fresh air. This is important to keep the soffit vents open this way the attic can ventilate from low to high. We recommend installing air chutes throughout the attic where the soffit vents are located below for proper ventilation. This will help supply adequate ventilation to your household and to the commercial office for your family as well as customers. Want to know what a Baffles does? One thing it allows the air to pass through the chute from the soffit vent to ventilate the attic. Air Chutes will prevent insulation that can block the soffit vent. We make sure the eave chute goes downward into the soffit, it is important to remember when installing. To help prevent blow- in insulation from falling into the soffit, we will block off the air chute at the base with batt insulation when using blow-in insulation. Our company will inspect the attic to make sure it has proper airflow is going to the home or business property. To keep the soffits open and unclogged, installing an air chute will have the ability to have blow in insulation. If there are no soffits in the home and attic chute can be hopeless. We will help you find out if you need to have an eave chute installed or not. We suggest having an inspection in the attic to make a determination whether or not you need to add an air chute. Allowing us to inspect the attic area will help let us see what is going on with the condensation and airflow. Typically in the colder climates during the winter season will help to check the attic for any issues. As we look around the attic to check the conditions of the rafters, joists, and house sheathing. We will look for dark spots that will tell us if the water was or is still there, this usually means that the humid climates are staying captured in the home. In the attic and basements, one of the huge issues is the increase of mold. Air chutes will help prevent water and condensation that sits in the attic and stops mold from growing in your business or home. We correctly install the air chutes to your home of business office at the best rates!


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Air Sealing Services in Chisago City Minnesota



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